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Playing soccer at an American University offers 4 years of intensive training with America’s top coaches. Each University is equipped with its own state of the art training facility. You will practice and play nearly every day working with strength and conditioning coaches in the gym and on the field to get you to the top of your game. Most importantly, in between training and competing against top athletes across the country, you will be earning a degree.  



Number of Universities offering Women’s Soccer:

Division I:       314

Division II:      256

Division III:     428

NAIA:             198

NJCAA:          194

Total:            1400


There are nearly 1,400 women’s college soccer programs out there. Knowing exactly how you stack up against other soccer recruits can help you decide what level of competition you’re best suited for. Knowing that can save you plenty of time when looking for a soccer scholarship.


AIR’s recruiting guidelines explain what coaches at every collegiate level are looking for in a soccer recruit. The guidelines also give a soccer recruit an overview of exactly how many soccer scholarships and college soccer programs are out there to choose from.


If you think you may qualify, submit your profile for one of our scouts to review. You will be contacted for further evaluation if we feel you have what it takes.


Tier 1 Goalkeeper


Physical Measurables: 


  • 5'7"-5'10"

  • 140-165lbs (+/-)


Scout Notes:


Extremely athletic, taller than avg., can out-jump opposing forwards, covers most of the goal-mouth when diving, catches everything when able to get 2 hands on the ball, is able to consistently catch crosses, punts significantly past mid-field, goal kicks past to midfield, is able to throw balls to teammates on a line 35-45 yds away, is vocal in communicating with teammates, calling out marks, calling for the ball.



Tier 1 Outside Defender


Scout Notes:


Speed, makes smart passes and always looks to keep the ball as opposed to just randomly kicking it, looks to get involved in the attack and dribble up the wing, defends 1v1 well and clearly looks to force the ball one way or the other, tackles smart and well.



Tier 1 Center Defender


Physical Measurables: 

  • 5'7"-6'0"


Scout Notes:


Speed, ability to win headers, consistently good positioning (in position to help support other defenders in case they get beat), vocal communicator to other defenders and mids, controls the team's back line with regard to pushing up and dropping back, always makes smart passes, solid and smart1v1 defending



Tier 1 Center Midfielder


Scout Notes:


Very comfortable with the ball at your foot, consistently has a great 1st touch no matter how good the pass is (hard, soft, in the air, bouncing, etc.), connects a LARGE majority of your passes, has vision to see and make passes that others can't, looks to switch the field of play away from pressure, totally comfortable using both feet, can take deep shots, strong in the air winning headers on goal kicks and punts, strong defending either stealing passes or making strong tackles.



Tier 1 Outside Mid/Wing Forward:


Scout Notes:


Speed and endurance, ability to consistently serve a cross that is driven (not looped) into dangerous areas of the box, ability to get up and down the field (attack and defend), ability to make combination plays (give and gos, etc.), desire/vision to go to goal and take shots if opportunity presents itself (not be content to stay on the wing



Tier 1 Forward:


Scout Notes: 


1v1 ability more than just speed (multiple moves to beat defenders), power and accuracy of shot, ability to win headers on crosses, use of both feet equally, ability to receive ball w/back to goal and then turn to attack goal, knowledge of when to make runs to receive ball to attack goal w/o being offsides

 Women's Soccer

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