"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."  - Wayne Gretzky

 About Us

AIR was founded to specifically bridge the gap between athletes around the world and American coaches.  


AIR identifies international athletes that meet the criteria that American coaches are looking for

With offices in both Europe and America, AIR is uniquely situated to connect international talent with a vast network of over 2,000 coaches at American Universities.  


AIR Recruiting was founded by Karen Himmelsbach, who grew up in the United States and played hockey for Princeton University. She knows firsthand how the recruiting process works and what's important to consider when choosing the right university. 




Karen founded AIR Recruiting to tip the scale for international athletes, turning the disadvantage of their location, into an advantage. The right international athletes can be hidden gems for American coaches.


AIR has helped athletes from Greece, Switzerland, Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Finland, Germany, and South America secure sport scholarships.


Karen and her team are dedicated to identifying and helping these athletes achieve greatness.



Tel.: +41 43 536 8583        info@air-recruiting.com     P.O. Box 460     8703 Erlenbach, Switzerland