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Did you ever dream of competing against America’s top athletes while earning a university degree? A.I.R. makes this happen for athletes everyday. 


A.I.R. focuses only on international athletes (those not living in the United States). Our selectivity and presence in both America and Europe make us the go-to for college coaches to find qualified international talent. 


A.I.R. specializes in identifying talented international athletes that meet the athletic and academic criteria that American coaches at top universities are looking for. Once identified, A.I.R. showcases top athletes directly to American coaches.


The American recruiting process and university entry process is complex. A.I.R. provides qualified athletes the guidance and tools needed every step of the way through the process. 


Do you think you qualify to join our international talent roster? It's important that you consider these 4 questions:


  1. Are you 100% committed to playing at the university level?

  2. Are you committed to starting your recruitment process TODAY?

  3. Are you committed to becoming the best student (in the classroom) you can be?

  4. Are you committed to putting the hard work into becoming the best athlete you can be?


If your answer was a confident "Yes" to those 4 questions, select the "Click to Get Evaluated" button on any page to send us information about your athletic and academic background and achievements. 


Your submission will be reviewed by one of our scouts within the week. If our scout determines that you meet the requirements our coaches are looking for we will contact you to set up a detailed telephone evaluation with you and your parents. A call from us means that you potentially have what we are looking for.


   Joining the Roster


On the evaluation call, we will determine your eligibility to be added to A.I.R.'s talent roster by getting to know you further as a student athlete, see what you are looking for in a school, educate you on how recruiting works, and explain exactly how we can help you meet the right coaches for you. 


If we feel confident you have what it takes and that we can bring coaches to you, you will be eligible to join our talent roster by paying the one-time service fee. 


Once you join our roster, A.I.R. will provide you a personal recruiting adviser that helps you:


  • Develop your overall game plan

  • Showcase your profile to the right coaches

  • Create a winning highlight video online

  • Contact the right universities

  • Identify scholarship opportunities

  • Meet all the NCAA eligibility requirements

  • Find the school and team that is right for you


A.I.R. only selects athletes that meet the requirements coaches are looking for. When you are added to our roster, we guarantee that coaches will contact you. From the day you join our roster, your recruitment process begins.  







"You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get."           

- Michael Phelps


Tel.: +41 43 536 8583     P.O. Box 460     8703 Erlenbach, Switzerland

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