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What You Need to Know


When does the recruiting process begin?


The recruiting process starts early. You should begin thinking about athletic recruiting in the eighth grade, and by the start of year 1 of high school you should have a good understanding of the recruiting process and what you need to do. Starting early gives you the best chance at finding the best match for you.


How do coaches find me?


Your location makes it difficult for college coaches to discover you on their own. Coaches use third-party evaluations from trusted resources like AIR to find qualified talented athletes for them. 


How can coaches evaluate me when I'm so far away?


Nearly all evaluations are done online. Your resume (both athletic and academic) and highlight video are the most powerful marketing tools that you have. Highlight videos help college coaches determine your talent level. Coaches are looking for well-rounded student athletes. That means your academic record is just as important as your athletic statistics. Showcasing your skills directly to the right coaches through AIR makes the athletic recruiting process easier for both you and the coaches.


What schools can I play for?


There are nearly 2,000 colleges that have athletic programs at varying levels. Based on your all around athletic and academic resume, we will tell you exactly which level you qualify for and where you’re likely to find the most success. Most college athletes are at the Division II, Division III, NAIA or junior college level. Only a small number of athletes play at the Division I level.

"It's not whether you get knocked down. It's whether you get up."   - Vince Lombardi


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