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 Women's Hockey



Playing ice hockey at an American University offers 4 years of intensive training with America’s top coaches. Each University is equipped with its own state of the art training facility. You will practice and play nearly every day working with strength and conditioning coaches in the gym and on the ice to get you to the top of your game. Most importantly, in between training and competing against top athletes across the country, you will be earning a degree.  


Number of Universities offering Women’s Ice Hockey:

Division I:       24

Division II:        9

Division III:     53

NAIA:               0

NJCAA:            0

Total:              86


Coaches are looking for players who:

· Are between 13-19 years of age

· Have an outstanding playing record of achievement (awards, statistics)

· Are one of the top players on the team

· Strong and fast skater, good all around player

· Meet relevant academic criteria


If you think you may qualify, submit your profile for one of our scouts to review. You will be contacted for further evaluation if we feel you have what it takes.

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